scapaflow-for-web A lovely tray, designed in Orkney using the current hydrographic charts of Scapa Flow, under licence. A souvenir in the truest sense… share your memories of the of Scapa Flow – in the heart of the Orkney archipelago – over a beer or a great big mug of coffee on board ship. Plan your next trip to Scapa Flow, the main British navy base in WW2 and where the German fleet was scuttled in WW1… to dive for scallops off the the wrecks, or to visit remnants of the great wars on the islands in the Flow.

Charts and maps end up in cupboards, but a tray will be used everyday – you won’t forget what you saw, or where you saw it.

The other ‘tray of skaill’ shows the Orkney Islands. Trays of Skaill may be ordered online, price £29.95. Postage and packaging is FREE within the UK – for overseas addresses, please get in touch.


o   Made using high quality birch ply with melamine using hand crafted techniques

o   Finest Scandinavian birch wood from renewable forest, from single sheets of wood – no joins

o   Manufacturer based at their original site in Sweden for over 50 years – they also produce trays for Liberty and Selfridges

o   Certified for ISO 14001 Environmental Management: “the world’s most recognized environmental management standard”

o   Size 43 x 33 cm – one of the two most popular tray sizes

o   Durability – 5 years of wear and tear

o   Hygienic, dishwasher safe

o   Both decorative and functional