Beautiful things of skaill, created in Orkney light, under the northern sky, by the Orkney shore…



  • Designed in Orkney using licensed images from current hydrographic charts of the Orkney Islands and Scapa Flow
  • Made in Sweden using high quality birch ply with melamine using hand crafted techniques
  • Manufacturer based at their original site in Sweden for over 50 years – they also produce trays for Liberty and Selfridges
  • Finest Scandinavian birch wood from renewable forest, from single sheets of wood – no joins
  • Certified for ISO 14001 Environmental Management: “the world’s most recognized environmental management standard”
  • Size 43 x 33 cm – one of the two best-selling tray sizes
  • Durability – 5 years of wear and tear
  • Hygienic dishwasher safe
  • Both decorative and functional


Used all over Orkney and elsewhere in Scotland, the word ‘skaill’ has Viking origins:

  • skáli – a shelter or dwelling
  • skáli (Norse) – usually applied to a shed or a hut for temporary use
  • skaill – to empty, spill, shed, disperse, scatter, applied to birds, to scatter with their bills
  • skail – a thin shallow vessel, resembling a saucer, made of tin or wood, for skimming the cream off milk

…’of skaill’ suggests safety, warmth, and an idea of plenty – both a protecting umbrella and a wide scattering of comfort and care.


Trays of Skaill may be ordered by email from joanna@ofskaill.com

Within the UK postage and packaging is FREE – price for one tray is £29.95.

For overseas addresses postage and packaging will be calculated individually.